Monday, February 12, 2007

My book is here!

I'm so excited y'all! My We are the Kitties book is here. I have finally realized my life long dream of being a published poodie. I have my memoir, thus far, and two poems published in the book, including the very first haiku I ever wrote, which as it turns out, I wrote almost exactly one year ago.

On Valentine's Day of 2006, I left a secret comment on Derby's blog. He was very surprised and had no idea who had left him the comment. I finally revealed my identity to him in a pair of haikus. And, ahem, here there are,
Derby Sassycat
admire you in secret
no more will I do

Bonnie Underfoot
My secret you discovered
Discreet you are most

And this was the beginning of my romance with my Dreamy Derby Sweetheart Cat.

Thank you Max for organizing a Kitty Writing adventure that resulted in the We are the Kitties book. I remember that you organized the Kitty Haiku craze that got us all haikuing as well.


At 8:35 PM, Blogger Derby said...

Purrs my Princess. Stop by my blog for your Valentine's greeting tomorrow.

Mum needs to read me more of the stories. Your story first.


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