Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Thank you for the purrs

Momma and Daddy thank all the poodin's for all the purrs and purrayers. I only knew my woofy, Ragamuffin, for 1 year, but he was good to me and never hurt me (did ya see the size of him?) When we first met, he was very excited and sniffy, and I was all afraid because I had never met a woofy before. Momma held me tight and took me to my room,which was safe and woofy free. He sat outside the door and cried because he wasn't done meeting me. My bean folks kept me in the room for the first few days to get me used to him and he would try and sniff me through the baby-gate. I really was appalled at this behaviour and gave him the Princess Mia Stare. Finally I got tired of being in the room all day and climbed over the baby-gate to 'vestigate the rest of the house. Now, my woofy knew that I was out and he tried to sniff my hiney. At first I was all afraid then, I realised I was much faster than him, so I could slip away in a pinch, so he could never really get to me to sniff my hiney.

Daddy came home from hunting that day and was surprised that I had escaped my room. He said that because Rags hadn't eaten me, he probably wasn't going to. So from that day, I had the whole house to share with Rags. He liked to sit in the front room with me when I watched the birdies and the buggies and the squirrels. He liked the squirrels. He almost caught one, once, but Mr. Squirrel was lucky to escape at the very last moment. Soon we got to know each other better and would sniff each other politely. I liked sniffing his paws and pouncing on his tail, which was so long, it was like a snakey. He would sniff me nose to nose and sometimes chase me in the house to play but I always got away. He would let me chase my loop toy all over the house like a cat possessed and not try and take it from me. He liked my 'nip toys and would try to eat them, but momma always saved them.

He was a good woofy. I got to go outside with him and eat grass. He protected us from the man who comes to the house most days and stands at the window and then goes away. I hope that I will be OK without him. He was a good woofy to me.


At 2:49 PM, Blogger Edsel/The Pooch said...

thank you for telling us about rags, that was a nice story. we always say that when a beloved poodin or woofy goes away, that the best way to honor their mem'ry is to give another poodin or woofie a home. so maybe your mom and day will decide to do that one day, then you won't be alone.

At 6:19 PM, Blogger Timmy said...

Oh Mia, that was nice of you to a'member dear Rags like that. Momma has stories of a doggie named Buffy that used to live here a'fore me. She says doggies am one of the bestest things on earth (asides us of course!) I hopes you and your beans will be ok soon.

At 1:13 PM, Blogger PrincessMia said...

Thank you Edsel, and Timmy. I know my beans will be OK. I hope I will get another poodin or woofy brother or sister. Right now, I'm looking after momma and daddy, I can't look after another poodin or woofy too! thank you my poodin friends.


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