Sunday, March 30, 2008

Ack, bath day

Today started out like a normal Sunday. Tigey and I had breakie at 7, Tigey went to take a nap in his doughnut bed.

Beanmon took me out for a lovely walk. While we were out, Upstairs Neighbour's Kitty (UNK) strolled up and sat down and watched Beanmom and I. I walked over to say hello but UNK was too shy.

After a while, Beanmom took me inside and that's when the day took a turn.

She whisked me into the bathroom and the horror of the bath began. I expressed my extreme displeasure and tried to make break for it.

Seventy two times.

Finally, the horror ended and I was wrapped in a towel and placed in front of the heater.

Then, the very same fate befell Tigey. Now, you know Tiges is the strong silent type, he was very quiet but he wasn't pleased. I couldn't save him but I think he got off easy. His bath took half as long as mine.

What a day! I had a super long nap afterward.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Adventure with Upstairs Neighbour Kitty

City of Houston

Dear Cat blogosphere,

I've woefully neglected my blogging duties. I completely blame the beanmom for this.

(Beanmom here, and I take full responsibility)

She has been busy with all her busy things and hasn't been letting me on the puter.

Tigey and I are doing just fine. It's warming up here in Houston and every weekend I demand to be taken for a walk. Sometimes I get taken out, sometimes they just open the window.

Last weekend, I was sitting on the window sill, looking out the screen when Upstairs Neighbour Kitty came to challenge me.
Kitty the neighbour cat
Here he is on the back porch. Anyway, he came to the front window to tease me through the screen. I wasn't happy about this, as you can imagine.

I leaned on the screen and it gave just enough for me to squeeze between the window and the screen and I WAS OUT.


Upstairs Neighbour Kitty RAN and hid under a car which meant that I ran right after him to the car. He was too scared to come out. I just paced up and down in front of the car.

Beandad came outside and snatched me up and put me back in the house and closed the window. He had to repair the screen to make sure that i wouldn't be able to push it open again (Sorry Beandad).

I don't know why he ran, he was taunting me to come out. It's not like we've never met before.

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Saturday, March 01, 2008

March is here

Where does the time go. Beanmom is busy on the computer so I haven't had a chance to blog lately. It's been getting warmer here so I've been asking to go outside a lot. Tigey's been taking advantage of the warmer temperatures to snooze in some sun spots.

Tigey got a new giant litter box. This thing is HUGE. It's so big that when beanmom goes to clean it, she says that it's like going for an archaeological dig.

Speaking of new things, did you see the beautiful Gizzy Quilt that my sweetie Derby got? It's gorgeous.

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