Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Brofurs are hard to handle.

I am getting used to TBF. He has a routine, similar to that of Brach's, actually. He loves doing bread and butter on beanmom and his purr thing is so loud. I'm much more discreet, delicate if you may. I wake up my beans by gently turning down the blankets, not by howling in the middle of the night. I like a little lap time with beandad when he is on the phone. I've seen TBF headbutt beanmom with so much force he almost knocks her over.


He's so needy with his headbutts and demanding scritches and super purrs. I'm still having a hard time understanding his rambunctiousness. Boys are so confusing.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Huge news!

(Spanish) Luna has been found!

Luna is at home!

I'm sooooooo happy.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Oh my

How the week has flown by. I had a wonderful Gotcha Day. I had lots of extra loving and scritches, especially since I now have to share my beans with TBF. We've been getting along OK. Sometimes, he will nip at my butt. I think it's very rude. I have let him play with me, well maybe do laps around the house, maybe once or twice, oh, and then we played in the box once too, but other than that, I don't want him looking at me. I enjoy eating out of his bowl though. It's mainly the same food though, but it's just the thrill that I ate his food, you know?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Woo Hoo! It's my Gotcha Day!

Today is my Gotcha Day! Two years ago, beanmom and beandad took me in. I have been living on their porch for about 2 weeks. Beanmom had been leaving food and water for me. I was living with the folks next door, but they moved away. Beanmom asked them if they were going to take me with them and they told her they would but they didn't. I hung around and waited but they didn't come back to get me. Finally, beanmom took me to the vet and had me checked out. They did rude things to me and stabbed me. More than once. The vet said I was just fine and then beanmom brought me into the house to live with them.

That's when I met the horse that they called a woofie.

I was terrified of him at first but he was harmless. The worst thing he ever did was try to sniff my butt; and eat my catnip toys; and my food.

See how tiny I was back then?

I filled out nicely, don't you think?

Monday, September 11, 2006


Thank you to everycat for their good advice. So, maybe, I am getting used to him. And maybe I am the one giving him the glare, but he shouldn't be walking by without looking at me anyway and minding his own business, don't you think?

I'm beginning to believe Kukka. She said that he might be related to her. Well, he certainly has the attitude, sorry Kukka, you know I love you, but this boycat is strutting around in my house, playing with my toys, sleeping in my bean's bed, eating out of my dish, when he clearly has his own dish. Behaviour that in my opinion is all very typical of that of an exiled Emperor.

What ever the case, I've been stalking him around the house to make sure he's not getting into any mischief. If he gets too close, I just show him the paw or paws. Most of the time I'm slinking up behind him to get a sniff. And then sometimes, he has the nerve to sniff me back. The nerve!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's harder than I thought

It's harder than I thought to have a brofur. I know that technically Tigey is my cousin, but now that he's living wif me, I guess he's my brofur. He meows at all hours of the night and wakes up my beans, then goes to sleep and meows again once the beans have fallen asleep. His purrthing is the loudest I've ever heard. He positively rumbles. He sleeps on my bed, my chair, my sofa, my every where.

Beanmom wrote on her blog about Tigey and I'm putting it here too so that all the poodies who missed it can read about him.

The Return of Belly Flap

At the beginning of May 2005, we had an unexpected visitor arrive on our back porch. A lovely tabby was begging to be let in. He was unrelentant. We did not let the tabby into the house. Mia was jumping around, trying to go through the windows. Rags wasn't too fussed about the cat outside the window. We called him Belly Flap.

In the evening of the same day, we took Rags out for his evening walk. Belly Flap followed us the whole way, for the whole walk, meowing all the way. We were quite perplexed.

After a few days of Belly Flap hanging around and following us on each nightly walk with Rags, we looked around the neighbourhood to see if anyone was missing a cat, nobody seemed to be. We determined that Belly Flap might be abandoned so we decided to find a home for him. We took him to the vet where he got a clean bill of health. We let Belly Flap into the house.

Belly Flap was in love with Rags. All he wanted to do was hang out with Rags and put his stinky rub on Rags. I was terrified that Rags would eat the cat, but of course, he did not.

We took Belly Flap to DH's Aunt who lived on the family estate in the house that DH's great grandfather built in the town that was named after him.

After leaving Belly Flap there, I was heartbroken. I had fallen in love with Belly Flap too. I second guessed our decision and worried that we had made a bad decision by taking the Belly Flap to the farm. DH's Aunt's health was feeble and I worried she wasn't able to look after him.

DH's Aunt fell in love with Belly Flap and Belly Flap with her. He brought her joy. She christened him Tiger and he started living the life of Riley on the family estate. We would go out there to visit every now and then, the last time we were there was in the middle of August for Family Reunion.

This past Saturday morning, DH's mom called and told him that the house had burned down. His aunt was OK, one of the cousins was with her when the fire started and he pulled her out. They didn't take the cat with them. We went to the estate to get Belly Flap. It started to rain during the drive up there and it began to come down in sheets.

When we got to the house, and I saw what was left, I burst into tears. I was horrified and terrified that Belly Flap was lost in the fire. We parked the car and I went up to the porch and called out, "Tiger".

He answered me. He was right there.

I snatched him up and ran to the car. I was so relieved. We drove back to Houston. Belly Flap wasn't too impressed with the car ride, and complained the whole way. When we got home, we set him up in one of the rooms and let him recover.

Mia was non too pleased, even though they had met before. She's been growling and hissing and having staring matches. Belly Flap has no reaction. He just oozes serenity.

We're glad you're back, Belly Flap.

Phew! What a story, don't you think?

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Tales and tails

Thank you to all my poodie friends who left such sweet comments about my woofy. He was a good guy.

I've had a very busy busy week off. I thought I would be 'laxing and lounging, but none of that happened when my beans came home with another poodie.

Yup, you read it right.

Look how he lounges.
On. my. sofa.

He is my cousin, Tigey, who was living with my Auntie on the Farm. Well, Auntie's house caught on fire, everybean and everycat was OK, and now Tigey is living with us. Forever. Auntie is living with her sisfur.

I know I've said that I wished I had a brofur or a sisfur, well, now I know what they mean when they say, "be careful what you wish for!"

*Note from the mom
Tiger and the aunt were unscathed in the house fire. The house did not survive. Mia has been adjusting to her new housemate by acting like a full-on Diva. Tiger is adjusting as well. He is not too impressed by Mia's Diva antics. He is serene and calm.

Monday, September 04, 2006

In Memory

Today is one year that my woofy, Ragamuffin, crossed over the bridge. He was a good woofy. I still miss him. I used to pounce on his extra long tail when he was asleep and he never did anything, just kept on snoozing. Sometimes we would play chase around the house, but he never caught me, I'm too fast, we had fun.

Purrs to you, Ragamuffin.