Friday, September 30, 2005

So many adventures

My dear poodie friends, I have been having so many adventures, I've had no time to get on the 'puter. My gramma and grampa came to visit from far far far far away. From a place that has poodies named after the whole country. wow. They came a'cause mom and dad are getting married! On Sunday! I'm excited for mom and dad. My aunt came to visit and some other nice people. There are so many people to rub my stinky stuff on. Grampa likes to sit outside but won't take me out! So I had to go out myself. I got in trouble for that. Mom took me out yesterday on my harness and I escaped from the harness and hid under the neighbour's house. Mom said the loud words at me again and dad was mad. I was only hiding for fun! I came out after a while to eat some grass. I just want to be where grampa is. It's hard for a poodie to be inside when everyone is outside. I hope to get some pictures on the 'puter soon.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

It wasn't scary!

Hi my poodin friends. I'm back at home now with mom and dad and able to get on the 'puter. In the picture, I'm at my grammie's house watching the news waiting for the storm. I really wasn't too concerned about the storm a'cause I was inspecting grammie's house. She had an upstairs and a downstairs and I liked running up and down the stairs. There were so many interesting places for me to 'vestigate. I found a secret napping spot at grammie's house that was the bestest. I would go there to nap and mom could not find me and then I would appear again. She said that I vanished into thin air. We waited for the storm to come. Mom was a little scared but I was not.

I just did my nails to pass the time. The lights flicked on and off a little on Friday night, but I wasn't a'scared a'cause I have super poodie vision. When the wind finally started I went to the window to watch but mom told me not to and took me away from the window. I went to my secret spot to watch the wind and then it started raining but not much. Mom was all a nervous a'cause she's never been through a hurricane a'fore. Me neither! But it wasn't so scary. On Saturday, daddy went back to our house to check on it and said that everything was fine, so we packed up all the stuff again and mom took me in the monster with wheels again and brought me home. I enjoyed my visit to grammie's. And I hope I get to go and visit again soon. When I was visiting, grammie said that she had a hurty shoulder and I thought of Timmy's grammie. I think the hurty shoulders are going around. I hope all hurty shoulders stop being hurty and all grammies feel better.

Thank you all my poodin friends for all your comments. Mom says thank you too. I'm glad to be home now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Scary Rita

Mom and dad are worried. We live in Houston. We have a scaryhurricane in the gulf of mexico. She says that we will be OK because we don't live near the water. We are going to grammie's house in another part of Houston. I haven't been there before. I hope I won't be a'scared. Keep your paws crossed, poodins, for all the people on the Texas coast and inland and me and my mom and dad and grammie in Houston.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

I got stabbed!


In the bottom!

I haven't been blogging because I got stabbed. And I was sore. And grumpy and needed to nap. Mom took me to vet place which I don't like but I like the people there. I saw a poodinette in the front that was playing with another girl. He was a cutie. Mom was watching him too. We went into the room and the nurse started sticking things in my bottom! How rude! Then she went away and Dr. Ray came in and said how pretty I am. I like Dr. Ray. She's very pretty too. And then she stabbed me.


In the bottom.

And then she gave me a hug. She might be a bit mental. Stabbing and then hugging. I'm not sure. It's taken me 2 days to recover from my stabbing. I'm back to blogging now. Mom got me a present a'cause it is my one year adoption anniversary. I'm so excited. I have to write about it next. But first I have to go play with it!

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I like my flowers.

Monday, September 12, 2005

My foil ball adventure

Timmy, Timmy! Mom made me a foil ball and I had a good time with it. I batted it about and then I put the bite on it and then I gave it a good kick-kick-kick. After a while I sat next to it and watched it for a little while. I didn't know that the foil ball could be so fun. I have a kitty soccer ball that I play with sometimes, I have mylar balls, and I have a rattly ping-pong ball too. I have a lot of fun balls! Mom says that she has to watch me play ball a'cause I'm always batting the balls under stuff. Like the sofa, or the fridgemator, or the tv stand thingie. But isn't that what poodies are supposed to do? Clicky on my picture to see my foil ball adventure better!

Thursday, September 08, 2005

My Chair

I read Miss Kitty's story about a cat poem that her bean read to her called "This is My Chair" and I thought, "I have a chair!" It is in the bean dining room. I like to take long naps on my chair it's comfy and I can stretch out or curl up. My bean dad says that I like the chair because it is black and I can leave my white fur on it. I don't know if you can see but there's not that much fur on it! Sometime's when I'm a nappin' daddy walks by and tries to tip the chair, but I've never fallen out. I can sit in my chair most anytime except when there are beans in it. Then I just sit on the table. My beans don't like that though. They always make loud words to get me off the table, but I lounge on it when they are not home, lol. I like my chair. Thank you Miss Kitty!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


The Houston SPCA has established an animal emergency hotline (713) 802-0555 and is preparing to receive hundreds more animal victims.

The Houston SPCA has received more than 600 animal victims of Hurricane Katrina. We opened our doors to 263 canines and felines from the Louisiana SPCA before the storm hit and now we have accepted animals from evacuees at the Houston Astrodome, Reliant Arena and George R. Brown Convention Center.

We anticipate hundreds more in the coming days and weeks.

Monetary donations are most needed to help us care for the hundreds of extra animals in our shelter now and those we will be taking in and caring for in the coming weeks and months. Click here to donate now to the Houston SPCA.

For more details on the Houston SPCA's relief efforts, please CLICK HERE to go to our Katrina Information page.

Thank you for the purrs

Momma and Daddy thank all the poodin's for all the purrs and purrayers. I only knew my woofy, Ragamuffin, for 1 year, but he was good to me and never hurt me (did ya see the size of him?) When we first met, he was very excited and sniffy, and I was all afraid because I had never met a woofy before. Momma held me tight and took me to my room,which was safe and woofy free. He sat outside the door and cried because he wasn't done meeting me. My bean folks kept me in the room for the first few days to get me used to him and he would try and sniff me through the baby-gate. I really was appalled at this behaviour and gave him the Princess Mia Stare. Finally I got tired of being in the room all day and climbed over the baby-gate to 'vestigate the rest of the house. Now, my woofy knew that I was out and he tried to sniff my hiney. At first I was all afraid then, I realised I was much faster than him, so I could slip away in a pinch, so he could never really get to me to sniff my hiney.

Daddy came home from hunting that day and was surprised that I had escaped my room. He said that because Rags hadn't eaten me, he probably wasn't going to. So from that day, I had the whole house to share with Rags. He liked to sit in the front room with me when I watched the birdies and the buggies and the squirrels. He liked the squirrels. He almost caught one, once, but Mr. Squirrel was lucky to escape at the very last moment. Soon we got to know each other better and would sniff each other politely. I liked sniffing his paws and pouncing on his tail, which was so long, it was like a snakey. He would sniff me nose to nose and sometimes chase me in the house to play but I always got away. He would let me chase my loop toy all over the house like a cat possessed and not try and take it from me. He liked my 'nip toys and would try to eat them, but momma always saved them.

He was a good woofy. I got to go outside with him and eat grass. He protected us from the man who comes to the house most days and stands at the window and then goes away. I hope that I will be OK without him. He was a good woofy to me.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

need purrs

I got my room back but I'm sad because momma and daddy are sad because my woofy got sick on Thursday and today he crossed over the rainbow bridge. I don't care about my room right now, though it's all fixed up nice. I need to purr on momma and daddy, now.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

I can't get into my room today

I can't get into my room today acause the door is closed. Mom and Dad moved all the things down from the tall blue thing and put them on my bench after they moved it from my window. Then they moved the tall blue thing and then the tall brown thing and then closed the door to the whole lot. :( So I can't look out the window to the front of the house. So now I'm trapped here with the dog with only seven windows to look out of. Even the dog's window is closed so he won't see the people outside, but he saw them earlier and created a ruckus as usual. I did a turtle under the dining table. He has such loud barks, it hurts my ears. I hope I can get into my room tomorrow.

Daddy came home to let the dog out to do his um, you know, and he said that the people outside have removed the front wall to my room where my window is. Ohmygosh. They are taking my room away. That is my sitting room where I watch the birdies and the squirrels and the buggies. This is so not fair. They better be building me a new front wall, is all. Or I might have to put the bite on someone.