Thursday, March 30, 2006


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Do you see what I'm dealing with here? This is the Way Back Neighbor's Cat. And he's eyeballing me! Eyeballing me from my own yard. The nerve.

Monday, March 27, 2006


Here comes the list!

Clicky to see the list. If you gave me your name and it is not on the purrthday list, let me know. If you want to add your date, let me know!

Check out whose purrthday it is tomorrow!

Friday, March 24, 2006


The Purrthday List is coming along nicely, I'm still waiting for any more furries that want to add their info. You will still be able to add your info after it's up of course. I have been busy practising for the Cat Olympics which will be taking place at the Calico Girls home.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Coming soon!

To anycat or bun or woofie or rattie or furry of any kind who hasn't given me their purrthday or gotcha day, lemme have it so I can add you to the list.

Spring Secret Paw!

My Secret Paw package has arrived! It's from Max!!! I'm so a'citied.

Can I open it? Can I open it? Can I open it? Will you open it!

Whatisit? whatisit? whatisit? sniff sniff sniff.

Whatisit? whatisit? whatisit? sniff sniff sniff.

Putting the bite on the minifurry octupus thingie with the bell.

Checking out the big spider thingie with the bells on it's toes.

I'm gonna put the bite on that spider!

Ooh it's got a string thing. Way cool. Gimme that spider!

Thank you Max for my awesome gifts.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

After the Party

Ooooh what a great party at Finny and Buddy's. Thanks you guys! Thinks really got a'citing after I left when Beau proposed to Ghost, but she didn't give him an answer! Oh I'm on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens next.

To anycat who hasn't done it yet, please give me your purrthday or gotcha day date a'cause I'm making a list.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Latest Mews/Purrthday List

My beandad is home! Welcome home beandad. ::purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr::

Also I saw it was Buddah's purrthday and Timmy's purrthday, which I missed and Moose's purrthday and mom said I should start a list so that I won't miss anycats purrthday. I don't know when my purrthday, so we celebrate my Gotcha Day. That's the day my beans adopted me. I want to make a list of effurycat's purrthday or gotcha day. Send me your date to my email or put it in the comments. Once I make the list, I will make a link thing on the side.

I'm off to get some scritches from my beandad!

Party Time

Efurrycat, Finny and Buddy are having a party on Friday for St. Patricks and Finny's Gotcha Day. I'm so a'cited to be going to another party. I hope Derby will be there. I must give myself a manicure and pedicure before I go.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Nap of naps

So I know I said that I was going to have extra special mom and me time yesterday, well, here's what happened. The mom came home early and I was happy to see her. We played around and she gave me some good scritches and then the octopus came out. I put the bite on that octupus real good. Then it was time to take a quick nap before dinner, so I went to find a good napping spot. Mom started to fix dinner. Hers and mine. Then it was dinner time and I had some crunchy goodness. I went to check the back window for intruders. All was clear. It was time to take a nap, while mom said she was going to watch the singing show on TV. I found a good napping place in the bedroom on the bed on my beandad's t-shirt. I started to have a bath and then gotted real sleepy. My quick nap turned into one of those luxurious waves of deep sleep that just knock you out. I curled up on my beandad's t-shirt and that was it. I dreamed I was curled up on his chest like I do after dinner when he's here.

A little while later, I heard the mom come looking for me. I barely remember her coming into the room and going out again. After a while, I gotted up from my nap and did my stretches. She heard the tags on my collar clinking and she called my name. I wented into the living room and jumped on he lap and did some bread and butter. And then I felt sleepy and my purr thing was going and took another nap on mom. She said something about it being about time. Silly beanmom. They can be so needy sometimes, dontcha think?

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Me and the mom

It's just me and the mom fur the next few days. My beandad has gone on a trip. I hope he has a good time. Good luck beandad! I know mom will miss him while he's away so I have extra snuggles for her. I like it sometimes when it's just mom and me. We have girl time together and it's fun.

Friday, March 10, 2006

V. nice.

I was reading Poi Rats and Cats and a Bun and the ratties, Ford and Arthur went on a road trip. This got me thinking. Now every Princess needs her own ride. I know I have my beans to drive me around if I wanted, but I want my own car. Now in real life, I don't like going in the car, but this is not real life. If I had a car, it would have to be a Jaguar, because I know I can depend on another feline.

Look closely, do you see me in the picture?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Cat guarding

It am nice and warm here in Houston these past few days and I've been watching for birdies in through the back window in the kitchen. And I'm also looking out for intruders. I've had quite a few: The Upstairs Neighbor's Cat (Tuxedo). The Next Door Neighbor's Cats (2 meezers!) and the Way Back Neighbor's Cat (Orange Stripey). They all like to stroll through my yard like it's their own. reow! Posted by Picasa

blogger was broked!

Hi everycat,

It seems that blogger was broked this morning, but it seems fixed now! I couldn't read a lot of blogs so I'm a make my rounds now.

Monday, March 06, 2006

I was framed!

I was only resting for a moment on the coffee table, um, because I needed a flat surface to um, practice yoga. Yes, that's it. Posted by Picasa

What a party!

Have you seen the pictures of Magoo's party! wow! Happy purrthday Magoo!

Friday, March 03, 2006

Flying Pictures!

Pre-Flight CheckBefore we go anywhere, my navigator and I go down our pre-flight checklist to make sure everything is working properly and we are ready for flight.

Gaining Atlitude

Here, my navigator and I are climbing in atlitude.


Here we are at crusing atlitude. I'm not sure how how it is, but here's the view,

Isn't that cool!! I love flying.

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Flying Lessons

I wrote in my 5s Tag that I have flying lessons once a week. Yes it's true. My instructor comes to my home and we have been studying for 3 months now. When we first started, we did a lot of preparations that included learning about the equipment and making sure we had the right safety gear and learning about the air and matmatics and learning about the psychics involved. This was the boring part, a'cause I really wanted to get up in the air, you know? But of course you have to learn the basics first. Something about, "you can't run if you don't know how to walk" or something.

Finally it came time for us to get up in the air! My whole body was quivering in excitement and my purr thing started going and I was a bit embarassed. My instructor knowingly smiled and told me not to be nervous. And away we were! My instructor also doubles as the navigator and he makes up the flight plans. We've only gone on a couple of short hops, as they say, close to home. I wasn't able to find any pictures, but I'll get my photographer to take some on my next lesson.