Saturday, April 29, 2006

What a day!

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First off, let me say that I'm OK. Beanmom took me to the stabby place today a'cause she said I hadn't been eating properly for the past few days. I wasn't too interested in the crunchy goodness or the stinky goodness, but I was still doing all my usual stuff; watching birdies, patrolling for intruders and playing with my toys.

As soon as I saw beandad with the carrier, I did my darndest not to get in it. Beandad won. We got to the stabby place and they saw me in the exam room on the dog side. I was so not impressed with that. The nice vet tech guy weighed me and he said I had lost 2 pounds, since my last weigh in September. Beanmom was not happy with that. Then the nice vet tech too my temperature, which I did not like and he said I had a fever. Beanmom was not happy with that either. Then Dr. Rosser came in and she poked around my tummy and it was ouchie! Then they took x-rays and Dr. Rosser said that it seemed like I had some for-ren par-tee-culs in my co-lon and that I was stopped up. She said this was good. It meant that whatever it was, was on it's way out. She asked beanmom is she could give me an en-ne-ma and they took me in the back to do that. I didn't like that. Beanmom said that she would see me in a little while.

Then I had to go potty. A lot. Dr. Rosser said I pooped a big hairball. (urgh! I'm sooo embarrassed) Then, after a while, they gave me and ap-pe-tite steem-moo-lant and some stinky goodness. Oh man! I ate that stinky goodness up. My beans came to pick me and Dr. Rosser said that I have to take this stuff for hairballs so it won't happen again. They also gave my beans some more ap-pe-tite steem-moo-lant for me to use if I need it. When I got home, I started grooming my, ahem, parts, which still had the medicine on it and it tasted yucky and made me drool and beanmom put the paper collar on me so I wouldn't be able to reach said parts.

I'm knackered now and I'm a gonna take a nap. Even if I have to do it with this paper thing on my neck.

Friday, April 28, 2006

My Research using the Scientific Method.

What I want: To go outside.
My hypothesisisis: If I ask politely enough times, beanmom will take me outside.
What I did: I saw my opportunity arise when bead dad went outside to look at his monster with wheels. I asked the mom, "miaomiaomeow?" which translates to "Moooooooooooooooooooom, beandad is outside, I wanna go outside, will you take me outside? Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease??" I paced infront of the door and asked "miaomiaomeow?" 17 times.
The result: Bean mom got up, went to the kitchen, retrieved my harness and leashthingie and we went outside. Reow!
My conclusion: This stuff works!

Thanks to Zeus for teaching me another way to train my beans.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Have you read Utilizing the Scientific Method to train your pet by Zeus?
I must go practice the technique.

Monday, April 24, 2006

My favr'it boys

I have to make a declaration. Little Bombay visited my bean grampie's house and gotted a gift from them for me. Bombay wrote about it in the last post and Derby misread what Bombay said and questioned my intentions toward him. I'm here to say that Derby is my all-time favr'it poodie. Evah. ::purr purr wink wink:: Isn't he the cutest?

But I must confess,
My favr'it bun is Orlando!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

The mom can't stop singing.

You better work ( cover girl )
Work it girl ( give a twirl )
Do your thing on the runway

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Terrible device

The mom has got a new thingie to torture me with. I don't know why she bought such a bizarro thingie. I don't know what on earth possessed her. She says all the other poodies like it and that she had to go out of the way to find it. Well I'm not like all the other poodies. I can't even imagine liking such a terrible thing. As soon as I got the chance I put the bite on it. See.

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Then do you know what she tried to do next? She tried to torture me with it by putting it on my fur. "It's supposed to be massaging Mia", is what she said. I don't think so.

Finally, she just left it on the floor for me to inspect. I gave it a good inspection alright. Reow!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Calling all Houston Buns!

The Houston SPCA Joins Bunny Buddies’ for

Bunny’s Day Out!
April 23rd from 2:00 – 4:00 pm

Bring your healthy, altered rabbits for an afternoon of fun at the Houston SPCA including:

Goodie Bags (for the first 40 families)
Hay and rabbit supplies for sale
Mr. McGregor’s Garden (bunny buffet)
Play Pen (toys) for rabbits
Information on rabbit ownership
Holiday Portrait Specials
Rabbit Adoptions
And More!

Go to the Houston SPCA website for more info.

All Hail the Queen

Gramma Trixie has written a post detailing all the things we've been wondering about her. Thank you Gramma Trixie for giving us a glimpse into your world. She says she is the original Princess, however, I believe she is the original Queen. All hail the Queen!

Monday, April 17, 2006

On the hunt

Last night was very a'citing. I was on the hunt for a big bad buggie. It was a big hunt and and I waked the mom up with my chasing the buggy around the dining room. She got up to see what the racket was. She thought I was playing with my ring toys, but she saw my rings all lined up neatly where I left them. I was trying to get at the beast which was hiding behind the CD rack. She said, "oh, Mia what is it?" She bent down to see if she could see it, but she couldn't see it because she doesn't have poodie vision. She moved a couple of CDs and the beast was on the move again! Mom put her hand on her mouth acause she's a'scared of these buggies. But I got it! I saved mom from the buggie! I had it my mouth and then I put it down and then I chased it again, which is the funnest part. Then mom threw beandad's giant shoe at the buggie and that was it for the beast. She flushed the giant down the toilet. She told me I was a good hunter and then she wented back to bed. I stayed awake to make sure there were no more buggies. There were none.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

My favorite words

I have learned a lot of new words since I've been doing the bloggie thing. Here are some of my favorite words.

  1. biggify - this means to make bigger and I first saw it on Max's blog. I love this word.
  2. binkies - how a fluffy expresses joy. It sounds and looks great.
  3. squillions - I first saw this on Kukka-Maria's blog. I love it. It means a lot, like 72498 or something.
  4. treatsies - you know I love the yumyum poodie treats.
  5. scritches - ear scritches are the best. I also like the under the collar scritches....purrrr...
Those are my Top 5 favorites. What are your favourite words?

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Giant Bun!

Ohmygosh! Have you seen anything like it? Beandad took a picture of it which is good a'cause I would never have believed him if I didn't see it. Look at the size of it! It must be a Giant Texas Bun. I'ts hugePosted by Picasa

Monday, April 10, 2006

I didn't forget today

I didn't forget! I waked my beans up bright and early all weekend and today as well at 6 AM. I don't think they liked it too much, but yet they complain when I don't wake them up. What is a poodie to do?

Thursday, April 06, 2006

I forgotted

Oops, I forgotted to wake up my beans today. I was too busy watching Mr. Squirrel outside the beandining room window. Bean dad woke up late and bean mom too. She asked, "what happened to our alarmcat?" I'm sorry, but Mr. Squirrel was bringing me up to date on the neighborhood happenings, and maybe I was having a little bit of a goss with Mrs. Squirrel. I just lost track of the time.

Monday, April 03, 2006

Bean Control

I've been practising the fine art of bean control to get my way. This is my method. I wake them up sweetly in the mornings, wif soft meows and bread and butter paw action. I work like the snooze button, checking in on them every 5 minutes. If I hear the magic words, "we don't have to go to work today", then I know it's time to really work it.

Once my beans are actually awake and out of bed, the campaign begins in full force. I meow and I meow and I meow. Mom usually says something like "what's the matter, Mia?" Then I'll tell her that I want to go outside. It's a beautiful day. I want to go outside. The usual response is, "OK we'll go, but not right now, in a little while." I just meow and meow my displeasure at having to wait.

I'm hard to ignore while I'm meowing at full speed and high volume. Bean dad will then always ask bean mom what is wrong wif me. Bean mom will reply that I want to go outside. Bean dad will say that I'm lucky to have a home.


Bean mom will then say, "it's a nice day, I'll take her out in a little while".

OK. Once those words have been said, and trust me, they say it everytime, I know it's a matter of time. So I wait, maybe 15 catminutes and start meowing. I follow my beans around the house meowing, just to make sure they haven't forgotten.

This usually does the trick and mom gets the leash. Of course I can't wait any more once I see the leash. I just meow with delight. I love going outside, I wish I didn't have to wear the leash, but mom insists. We walk, I roll in the dirt and eat grass because it's nutritious and delicious and I watch the birdies and the squirrels real close.

I was able to go outside TWICE this weekend. I like to think I have my beans completely under control.