Sunday, January 29, 2006

Thank you

Thank you, Calico Girls for hosting a spectacular nap-a-thon. I had a great time. Mom said that I should win an olympic medal in marathon napping! Looky at the great gift we all gotted. What a cool button!

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Nap-a-thon Today!!

I'm so excited a'cause today is the nap-a-thon at the Calico Girls' house. I've packed my special nip that Kinsey Kitten gave me for Secret Paw and my nip crab which you can see in the picture. It's some good nip. I need to join that club. I plan to share with all the other poodies, and I've been practising my purr purr purr for the purr challenge. It's going to be sooo much fun!

Friday, January 27, 2006

Looky, looky,

The mom gotted me a bag! I inspected it inside out and decided to watch from my new bag alls the goings on in the kitchen with my beans. It was a good hiding spot a'cause I can see them, but the don't see me.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Well finally!

So, hurumph, my beans have apparently been living the life of riley over here, galavanting every night and leaving poor me all by myself in the evenings! No fair and no fun. On mondaynight they went to this concert thingie and then on tuesdaynight they went to this movie thingie. Why I'll never know. Don't they know that weeknights are reserved for me? Tonight they will be staying home with me and cuddling with me and playing chase-the-kitkat and cat dancer with me. As it should be. I have to stop now, so I can go play chase-the-twistie with the mom.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Answer Your Cat's Questions Day

I saw on WMD's blog that yesterday was Answer Your Cat's Questions Day. Well, here are my questions to my beans:

When can I have a sister?
Why can't I go outside?
Can I have a treat now?
Why isn't the tap on all day?

I'll let you know what the answers are as soon as I get them!

The mom has answered my questions! Here is the transcript of our conversation.

PMB: When can I have a sister?

Mamma Mia: You can have a sister or a brother as soon as the Ministry of Cat Dads agrees to it. I'm petitioning the Ministry on your behalf and so far have received negative responses.

PMD: Oh please, please, please, I would like a sister! And so, why can't I go outside?

Mamma Mia: Because we live near a busy corner and I don't want you to get splat.

PMD: I'm too smart to get splat.

Mamma Mia: Yes, dear, that's what they all say.

PMD: Can I have a treat now?

Mamma Mia: Yes.

PMD: Thank you. Why isn't the tap on all day?

Mamma Mia: We can't leave the tap on all day because that is wasteful and against the rules as laid out by the Ministry of Cat Dads. Drinking from the tap is a special treat and not to be abused.

PMD: pfft. I mean, thank you mom for answering my questions.

So there you have it everycat and bean. There's hope yet for me to get a sister. Maybe one day!

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Daddy's Girl

Here I am, 'laxing on my beandad after dinner. I likes sitting on him and doing the bread and butter and then having a nap. He gives me scritches and does the ear thing I like. I love my bean dad.Thank you for bringing home the crunchy goodness!

Monday, January 16, 2006

Lovely weekend

Hello to everycat and bean. I've had a busy weekend spending time with my beans. First of all, the pinkyuckiness has finished and I am not taking it anymore, thankgoodness. I'm still sneezing every now and then, but not like I was. On Saturday, I gotted to go for a walk outside with my bean mom. We wented for a long walk on my outside harness and leash. I gotted to eat lots of yum yum outside grass and smell all sorts of exciting smells and rub and roll in the dirt. I love rolling in the dirt on the driveway and mom always complains that whens I do it, I turn from a tuxedocat into a graycat! I don't care, mom, a'cause it feels great.

On Sunday, I had 2 visitors: Gramma & Grampa! I hung out with Gramma in the afternoon and Grampa in the evening. I likes when I have visitors. I put my stinky rub on their ankles so they know who they belong to.

Today, I'm at home with my bean dad a'cause it's the birthday of a very important bean in our history. My mom didn't get to stay at home today but she said that there was a time when blacks and whites didn't get along here which I don't understand a'cause I am black and white and I get along just fine with everyone, don't you think? Well, maybe not with Upstairs Neighbor's Cat.

Friday, January 13, 2006


Hey! What are you doing on my back porch?

Yeah, you! That is my porch. I know you, you're the Upstairs Neighbor's Cat.

Can I get some backup here?

Thursday, January 12, 2006


So, I've been feeling OK. Just a sneezy here and there. They keep jamming the never-ending pink stuff down my throat. I got 'em good last night. Mom was holding me and prying open my mouth, (the nerve), and dad was with the syringe of pinkyuckiness. When he got it in my mouth, I turned my face at the last second and he sprayed it all over mom! You would think that would have taught them, but no, dad just filled up the syringe again and jammed in in my mouth again.

And they did it again this morning. When will the pink stuff finish?

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


So now, they have me taking the pink stuff for my sneezing. yuck! So I had a couple sneezes yesterday, so what, I didn't sneeze in front of you today. Can I stop taking the pink stuff? That stuff is gross.

Monday, January 09, 2006


Derby asked if you could touch your nose with your tongue and I can do it! Patches said she could and here's my picture. If you can do it, show us a picture.

still sneezing

Well I was still sneezing this morning after I waked up my beans. My beanmom is not happy with the sneezing business. She called the stabby place. I don't know what they said, but she didn't take me there. phew. I'm OK mom, I had my breakie and waters from the bowl.

Sunday, January 08, 2006


So this morning I was still a lil' sneezy, but I haven't had a sneeze this afternoon. Mom is watching me a'cause she doesn't want me to get sicky. I'm still eating and drinking like normal so she's not too worried. I definitely don't want to go back to the stabby place.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

I got stabbed today!

OHMYGOSH. They took me to the stabby place today! And I got stabbed! On the butt! My beandad noticed I was sneezing yesterday. A lot. This morning I wasn't sneezing, and then I started sneezing at lunch time. I was sneezing and sneezing and sneezing and then I sneezed some snot. And then mom called the vet and they told her to bring me. Mom brought out the carrierthingie and I knew she was gonna put me in it. I fought hard. I didn't want to go to the stabby place. I have just come from the stabby place and it was too soon to go back. Mom held the carrierthingie and dad tried to drop me in but I was too good. They had to take a break and then 5 minutes later they snatched me up again to put me in that awful box. And they got me in. And then I was in the monster with wheels. Which I don't like. I try to be like Timmy but I'm not as brave as him. I don't like the monster with wheels. At the stabby place, I had to wait, then I wented in and there was a nice guy, Mike, who was nice and then he did you know what with my butt. What is it with these people at the stabby place? If they're not stabbing, they're poking. Then I had to wait for the Dr. who was very nice and gave good scritches but she still stabbed me. After she did a dance with me. Another mental case. All this lovin' and then stabbin' I don't like it. She said I probably had a viral infection and that I should be doing better tomorrow because of the stab, or she called it, shot. I'm home now, resting. I hope I don't have to go back to that stabby pokey place anytime soon.

Friday, January 06, 2006

Good Turtle

Mom took this shot with her new camera. She says I do a good turtle. I think so. Though I was trying to take a nap, mom, so stop with the pictures, OK?. Also, I thought the picture shows off my beautiful, not-fat-figure.

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What do you think?

Happy Mew Years to everybean and cat. I've been laxing with my beans since we were reunited again. I've been checking out the house from top to bottom and left and right to sniff out anything suspicious that may have visited while I was not there. I haven't found anything yet. I read my dear Kukka-Maria's blog and she said that her mom was going to put her on a "new food regimen" because her mom had read an article about how to tell if you poodin is overweight. This got me thinking if I was overweight. I know the vet had told my mom the last time that I was 1 pound. pffft. I present to you this photo as evidence and ask, do I look fat?