Saturday, December 31, 2005

Thank you Secret Paw Kinsey!

Finally I got mom to take some pictures of my awesome gifts for my super duper secret paw Kinsey! I lovelovelove my presents. Mom made a gallery of me enjoying my gifts and you can see it here. I gotted a perfect ball with a bell inside in me and mom's favorite color: Yellow! and a pretty kitty frame and the most awesome nip. I keep asking mom for more nip. It's sooooo good. Thank you, Kinsey!

Wednesday, December 28, 2005



I'm home, Mom's home, Dad's home, we're all home together. Mom and dad came and gotted me yesterday from the vethotel place. I was so happy. I missed my mom and dad. Now I'm home with them and getting rubs and giving head butts.


Saturday, December 17, 2005

Send the casserole now, please

Dear Kukka-Maria,

Please send your tuna casserole now please to here. I will be at the boarding, ahem, cat hotel. Security is strict, though I'm not sure why. I would much rather be at home 'laxing. I look forward to your tuna casserole.

Princess Mia


I had to sneak onto my beandad's 'puter. I had to a'cause I got my secret paw gift today!! And I wanted to say thankyou to my secretpawgiftgiver Kinsey! Thank you! I love it. I don't have any pictures yet a'cause mom took the camera with her on her trip. I'm so happy with my gifts.


Saturday, December 10, 2005

Secret Paw in Action

My secret paw got his gift! Look, look.

Friday, December 09, 2005

A note from the mom

Hiya folks! It's the mom of Mia (Mamma Mia!) I'm posting for Ms. Mia. I spoke to her on the phone and she say's she's missing all the cats out there and hasn't been able to check on you guys because I took her computer. Sorry, Mia! She's doing fine, hanging out with her dad at home. As you can see, she wanted to come with me, and I wish I could have taken her. I miss my little darling. Read my blog to see what I'm up to!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

on a mission

I know who my Secret Paw is and I'm going shopping!

So mom did the shopping and the mailing!!! She said she had to do it quick a'cause she's leaving on her big trip tomorrow. I'll be missing my mom and won't be able to blog because she's taking my 'puter with her. :(

My beandad will still be here and then he meets mom in 2 weeks. Then I'll be at the boarding place. For one whole week. hurumph. Until my next update, Merry Christmas every cat and bean!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sooo Embarassing!!

I have never been so embarassed in my life. Do you know that my beandad took me to the stabby place yesterday because he said I had a stinky butt. Um, hello, but have you smelled your own butt, mister, you know, the one that not only stinks but makes noises! The nerve! And do you know what they did to me at the stabby place? Oh, it was so embarassing, I can't even tell you, but they cleaned my (non-stinky, mind you) butt. I'm really quite miffed. When mom came home she asked how my butt was, I said it felt funny. She said that's OK, it'll feel normal soon. I don't like having butt conversations with mom! Soo embarassing! So told me to stop licking and then she made a homemade e-collar with a piece of paper and put it around my neck. Then I had to stop licking, so I took a nap. I was pooped. I can't believe I just told you about my non-stinky butt.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

On no!

I heard my beans saying that I'm not going to stay with grammie when they go away. So that can only mean one thing: I'm going to jail!! At the stabby place!! I can't believe it. I'm not a bad poodie, why do I have to go to jail? No fair. Sure I commit an obscenely early wakeups every now and then, but is that really cause for jail? I'm been laying on the affection these past coupla days just to let them know what a good poodie I am. I don't wanna go to jail.